Vision and Goals of the IRS


Overcoming totalitarian stereotypes of religion and understanding the social role of religion in post-Soviet reality remain urgent for Ukraine. Analysis of the challenges of pluralism, multiculturalism, tolerance, secularism and modernity, as well as investigation of social doctrines based on religious belief are new trends in the Humanities and Theology. The Institute of Religion and Society is one of a small number of Ukrainian organizations involved in such research.

Aims of the Institute:

To establish dialogue between society and religion in Ukraine.


  • To research the relations between religion and society, applying modern research methodology;
  • With the aid of such research, to spread religious values in society
  • To inform the Ukrainian people about worldwide tendencies and achievements in this sphere, and to spread information worldwide about the religious situation in Ukraine.

Research interests:

Investigation of a number of current issues in light of Christian social teaching, in particular:

  • Freedom of religion, civil rights stemming from this freedom, and relations between Church and the state;
  • Tolerance, and inter-Christian and inter-faith dialogue;
  • Social ethics and moral values in public life.

In all its activities, the Institute is guided by the following values:

  • human dignity
  • openness to dialogue;
  • respect for tradition;
  • academic honesty;
  • objectivity and impartiality in scholarly research.