Lesia Kovalenko

Lesia Kovalenko

Lesia Kovalenko
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– Передмова до серії “Джерела Християнського Суспільного Вчення та Служіння” (pdf)
– Переднє слово до книги “Соціяльно зорієнтовані документи УГКЦ (1989–2008)” (pdf)

Director of the Institute

Deputy director of the Institute (2006–2007).
Received PhD degree in canon law and administration (Lublin Catholic University, Poland, 2004). PhD thesis: “The collective dimension of religious freedom in Ukrainian legislation.”
Advisor of the UGCC Committee of Promoting Christian Unity (since 2007).
Organizer of the General assembly of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Committees in Kyiv (2007).
Participant on the expert board on the development of the concept of church-state relations (2006).
Member of the International Society of the Eastern Canon Law Researchers (since 2006).
Head of the UGCC Justice and Peace Committee (since 2003).
Researcher at the Institute of Religion and Society, LTA–UCU (2000–2006).
Lecturer of canon law at the Theology and Philosophy Faculty and at the Catechetical-Pedagogical Institute of UCU; lecturer of the course “Church-state relations” at the Licentiate programme of UCU (1999–2005).
Judge assessor of the Patriarchal Tribunal of the UGCC (1998–2004). Since 2004 – judge of the Tribunal.
Member of the Ukrainian Academic Theological Society (since 1998).

Author of the monograph “Controversies of religious freedom in Ukrainian legislation” , a chapter in the book Law and religion іn post-Communist Europe / Ed. Silvio Ferrari, W. Cole Durham, Jr. – Leuven–Paris–Dudley, MA 2003 (Lesia Kovalenko. The Church and the State in Ukraine, pp. 355–382), articles on problems of religious freedom, church-state relations and canon law. Scholarly editor of the course book by L. Jerose “Canon law” (Lviv: Svichado 2001) and text-book by J. Andriyishyn “Handbook of a diocesan bishop” (Lviv: Svichado 2002).
Award at the 4th all-Polish competition of works connected with the region of East and Central Europe “?cie?ka Wschodnia” for the MA thesis “Uzyskiwanie statusu prawnego przez Ko?cio? Grecko-Katolicki w ustawodawstwie Ukrainy” (Szko?a G?owna Handlowa, Warsaw, Poland).