Expert research

First time after the independance of Ukraine on 1-5 of November in Kyiv, on 14th November in Donets’k, on 25-26 November in Odesa, the social week was conducted. The form of such an event forsees it’s anual repetition with a new theme and new members. The goal of social week – to become traditional public forum for the discussion of problems of society and search to solve them relying on christian and human values. The theme of this year social week is: “Towards Solidarity in Ukrainian Society”. Take a look at the programm of social week here.

About Social Week in mass media. (pdf)

Суспільний тиждень
The first ecumenical social week was conducted in Lviv from 9 till 15th of June.

As an active partner of ecumenical social week Institute got involved in its organization, in particular in conducting the academic conference: ” Perspectives of cooperative movement in Ukraine from the point of view of public politics” and in preparation of the Declaration of the expertise group.

Here you can get to know more about our partner projects.

I екуменічний соціальний тиждень
Expert evaluations, consultations, reviews, analytical notes, and commentaries are an important elements of IRS work. Upon special request from the UGCC Synod of Bishops, the Institute elaborated two draft concepts:
– A conception for development of the military pastoral ministry of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (2004)
Published in the Ukrainian language. Lviv, 2004, 23 p.
– Ecumenical conception of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (2000) c
Published in the Ukrainian language: Bohoslovia, 2001, № 65, p. 52–68; Person and the world, 2000, №7, p. 41–42.

The Institute also actively takes part in the process of improving legislation on religious freedom:

– Analysis of projects “On introduction of changes to the Ukrainian Law”, “On freedom of conscience and religious organisations” (2007). (download pdf)
– Analysis of the draft law “On the principles of the return of religious buildings and properties to religious organisations” (2007). (download pdf)
– Expert evaluation of the project of the Directive “On improvement of the system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces military personnel’s religious needs” issued by Ukrainian Minister of Defence (2006);
– Remarks and suggestions of the Ukrainian centre of political and economical researches named after O. Razumkov to the project “Concepts of the State and the Church relations” (Kyiv, 2003). (download pdf)
– Remarks and suggestions of the Institute of legislation forecast and legal examination to the project “Basics (concepts) of the State and the Church relations” (Kyiv, 2003). (download pdf)
In September – October 2001 Myroslav Marynovych became the first layman of the UGCC to be invited as an official observer during the 10th Assembly of the Papal Synod of Bishops in Vatican.