Monitoring of religious freedom in Ukraine

An efficient way to solve a number of questions connected with one of the fundamental human rights – religious freedom – is to inform citizens and religious organisations about their rights, as well as systematically track and report their violation. Since the web site of the Religious Information Service of Ukraine is visited on average by more than 3000 users daily (taking into account the foreign language versions of the site), we are able to attract attention to these problems and thus to assist their resolution.

In accordance with the materials of monitoring of religion freedom in Ukraine, performed by RISU during 2005 – beginning of 2007, editors of RISU in collaboration with the Institute of Religion and Society UCU prepared a book. In this book is included report for two years of monitoring, which RISU made in frames of «Human Rights» project with the support of democratic grants Fund of USA embassy in Ukraine, and also included collection analytical articles and commentaries. Materials of this research are also collected in separate website “Religious Freedom in Ukraine”.

With the publishing of this book was preoccupied the centre of legalistic and political researches «CIM» with the financial aid of international fund «Vidrodzhennia».

In this book are given deep analyses of preservation of conscious freedom in Ukraine during mentioned above period. In particular, the law in sphere of religion was analyzed; the question of registration of religious organizations was looked at, tolerance and indiscrimination on religious ground, issues of properties, the right of religious education etc. Expert articles that add information in to materials of monitoring.

With the questions of acquiring this book please contact the editor centre of RISU:

— tel./fax (032) 2409499
[email protected]
— Lviv, 17 І.Свєнціцького, Str.

In 2005–2006 two reports were prepared:

Antoshevky T., Kovalenko L. Monitoring of religious freedom in Ukraine: Special view of property questions. – Lviv, 2005–2006, 51 p. (
Antoshevky T., Kovalenko L. Monitoring of religious freedom in Ukraine: Special view of tolerance. – Lviv, 2005–2006, 81 p. (