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First volume in collection of documents “Sources of Christian social teaching and ministry” has been published.

This volume is a collection of the documents of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church from the years 1989–2008. In the book 375 documents are collected that cover a broad range of topics—from election campaigns and legislative concerns to fundamental human rights issues, from civil society and state-building to reconciliation attempts, from migration to ecology. Numerous pastoral and open letters, appeals, addresses and statements by patriarchs, bishops and special Church commissions consistently present positions of the Church with regard to Ukrainian public life and demonstrate the inculturation of the key principles of the Christian ethic in the post-totalitarian realities of Ukrainian society.
First two chapters present, in chronological order, documents issued in 1989–2000 (under Patriarch Myroslav Lubachivs’ky), and in 2000–2008 (from the election of Lubomyr Husar untill May 2008). A separate chapter includes documents that were issued by the UGCC jointly with representatives of other Churches and religious communities. Last chapter contains some homilies of patriarchs, which show a deep organic connection of liturgical texts with key principles of the Christian social ethic. Commentaries from Orthodox and Protestant perspectives were prepared exclusively for this collection. Edition also includes several appendices to facilitate use of the book (chronology of the important historical dates, dictionary of not commonly used words, list of Bible references, subject index and list of documents both in Ukrainian and English).
The book is printed on ecologically friendly paper

Please download: abstract, list of documents in pdf

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