Meetings, Round tables

Round tables, meetings, lectures

On 30th October in Holland, near Nijmehen, meeting of Communicantes and AMA foundations was held. Lesia Kovalenko, director of the IRS, was invited to this meeting. Part of the meeting was dedicated to the ecumenical situation in Holland, Rumunia and Ukraine.
Presentations dedicated to the ecumenical situation in Ukraine and Holland.


On 11th of September 2008 in Lviv, with the invintation of Myroslav Marynovych, the president of Institute of religion and Society, in the frame of 15th forum of publishers, in the library of Ukrainian Catholic Univercity, took place the presentation of Juish publishing house «Hesharim». The books of this publishing house introducing to readers (mostly russians) the history of jews, their religion, spiritual values of heebru, their tradition and specifics of their world view.

    • The discussion of Compendium of the social doctrine of the Church took place on 3rd of June 2008. In discussion participated members of Ukrainian Bible society, Ukrainian Theological Scientific society, National Institute of strategic planning, Institute of Ukrainian knowledge NAS of Ukraine, Institute of inherited pathology AMS of Ukraine, professors of theological seminaries of: Odesa, Drohobych, Ternopil and L’viv as well professors of theological academy of Ivanofrankivsk and stuff of Institutes and departments of UCU.
    • 3 September 2006 Round table “15 years of independence: The state of religious freedom in Ukraine” (together with RISU, Kyiv)
    • 24 May 2005 Seminar-council “Personnel management: A Christian view”
    • 4–9 February 2005 Visit to Lviv of the President of the Pontifical Council on Questions of Social Communication, Archbishop J. P. Foley (Co-organizer – Spiritual-pastoral department of UCU)
    • 16 June 2004 “Club of Personalities” meeting. Club guest – Prof Roman Kuzniar, director of the Diplomacy academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Warsaw) (main organizer – Institute of city development, Lviv)
    • 16 April 2004 Presentation of the book “Ukrainian idea and Christianity, or When colourful horses of Apocalypse prance” by Myroslav Marynovych (Kyiv) (co-organizer – Association of Ukrainian culture protection “Ukrainian dawn”).
    • 23 January 2004 Lecture of Fr. Dr Iwan Dacko “Contribution of the UGCC in XX century ecumenism” (Co-organizer – the UCU Administration)
    • 25 January 2003 Seminar “What to do with the rest of our lives?” (Co-organizer – journal “YI”)
    • 18 June 2004 Meeting with Mykhailina Kotsiubynska, a famous Ukrainian literary critic, participant of the “people of the sixties” movement, public figure. Presentation of her new book “My horizons” (Publishing house “Dukh & Litera”, 2004) at the UCU and Lviv national university named after I. Franko.
    • 18 May 2004 Meeting with Prof Andrzej Zoll, a famous Polish lawyer, judge of the Constitutional Tribunal (1989–1997), ombudsman (2000–2006), head of the Criminal Law department at Jagielonnian University, co-author of the Polish Criminal code, member of the Committee of Ethics in science at PAS and the Department of history and philosophy of Polish academy of science.
    • 8 April 2004 Meeting with Hryhoriy Khorunzhy, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Vatican.
    • 1 September 2003 Speech of the Archbishop of Vienna, The Great Chancellor of Vienna University, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, editor in chief of the Catholic Church Catechism under the title of “Importance of Fathers of the Church for modern theology”.
    • 9 June 2003 Meeting with the group of intellectuals of French weekly paper “France Catholique”
    • 26 April 2002 Meeting with Fr Jan Bereza, Abbot of Benedictine monastery (1999–2002) in Lublin (Poland), councillor of Benedictine European Committee of Monastic Interreligious Dialogue, author of Centre of Meditation and Interreligious Dialogue. Topic of the meeting: “Role of monasticism in the interreligious dialogue”.
    • 1 November 2002 Round table “What to do with the rest of our lives?” (Co-organizer – journal “YI”)
    • 26 April 2001 Round table “The Church and the state and inter-faith relations in Ukraine: The past and the present” (main organizer – Institute of Church History at UCU).
    • 12 November 2001 Student play at the LTA “Two calls over the abyss” devoted to the memory of Ukrainian political prisoner Zenoviy Krasivskiy and Iris Akahoshi, a member of Amnesty International in New York (based on the title book compiled by M. and L. Marynovych).
    • 14 November 2001 Meeting with Brother Inokentiy, monk in the Orthodox parish of St Mark in Yorktown (USA), and Taras Andrusevych, one of the leaders of the Union of Ukrainian Orthodox Youth. Reports: “The Orthodox Churches of the USA” and “Cooperation of Ukrainian and American Orthodox youth”.
    • 14 November 2001 Seminar devoted to the 25th anniversary of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group
    • 16 November 2000 Round table “Media education in Ukraine” (main organizer – Institute of ecology and mass information at Lviv national university named after I. Franko)
    • 13 October 2000 Round table “Religion and sports” (co-organizer – Lviv institute of physical training)
    • November 1998 Meeting with Sister Maria Kampanela from “Centro Aletti” (Rome, Italy)
    • 12 March 1998 Seminar “The Church and mass media in Ukraine, 1939–1998” (co-organizer – Institute of Church History)