Lay ecumenical seminars

From 1998 to 2001 the Institute organized thematic seminars-discussions for laypeople of various denominations from the Lviv region and other regions of Ukraine (including also participants of foreign countries). Such opportunities for dialogue were important during a time when interdenominational relations in Ukraine, particularly in Galicia, were very tense. When the situation improved the seminars came to an end. The following topics were discussed at the seminars:

March 2001
“Primacy of the hierarch of Rome
in Eastern Orthodox Christianity”

December 2000
“Orthodoxy in Ukraine: Three visions of union”

March 2000
“Spiritual aspects of Ukrainian integration in Europe”

October 1999
“Tolerance in the religious press”

March 1999
“Role of the Ukrainian churches
in the process of interchurch understanding”

December 1998
“Place of the Ukrainian churches
in the ecumenical process”