Annual All-Ukrainian conference

Annual All-Ukrainian conference of students and young scholars

Every spring, the Institute arranges an all-Ukrainian conference for students and young scholars to discuss urgent problems of religious and social life in Ukraine. The main goal is to provide an opportunity for mutually inspiring dialogue between different generations and scholarly centres. We believe that such common efforts contribute to better mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence of different outlooks, help to establish a truly pluralistic, democratic, law-abiding society in Ukraine. Each year the Institute welcomes between 40 to 80 students and scholars from both secular and religious institutes of higher education of Ukraine as well as other countries – in particular Poland and Belarus. Religious, public and scholarly leaders from Ukraine and all over the world deliver reports. Among the participants are not only Christians – Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant – but also Muslims and Jews. Results of the conferences are published in annual collections of the materials.

XI conference (11-12 april 2008)


Christina Hantel-Fraser, Anatoliy Hrycenko, Katrien Hertog, Myroslaw Marynovych

Conference schedule and more information on conference is available here (pdf).

XII конференція (3-4 квітня 2009)

X conference (23–24 march 2007)

“Dialogue of people and cultures as the way to new humanism”

Patriarch Lubomyr Husar (Kyiv), Leonid Finberg (Kyiv),
Refat Chubarov (Kyiv), Eugen Zakharov (Kharkiv)

(download pdf)

IX conference (10-11 march 2006)

“Dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity:
Towards civil society in Ukraine”

Petro Rabinovych (Lviv), Pavlo Yaremchuk (Odessa),
Jose Casanova (New York), Maria Marko (Lviv)

VIII conference (13-14 may 2005)

“Ukraine and the European Union: Christian roots and perspectives”

Cardinal Francis J. George (Chicago),
Fr Ivan Dacko (Lviv), Stephanie Dupasque (Paris)

VII conference (26-27 march 2004)

“Social communication: Challenges of the XXI century”

Zbigniew Nosowski (Warsaw), Mykhailo Perun (Rome),
Yuriy Makarov (Kyiv), Natalia Habor (Lviv)

VI conference (11-12 april 2003)

“Veritas versus Voluntas: Ethos of modern culture”

Bishop Yulian Gbur (Striy), Maria Zubrytska (Lviv), Fr. Adam Fredro-Bonecky (Warsaw)

V conference (19-20 april 2002)

“Culture of love or culture of violence: Personally and socially motivated choice”

Abbot Veniamin Novik (Saint-Petersburg), Agnieshka Kievska (Lublin), Fr Stephan Batrukh (Lublin), Chantal Delson (Sorbonne)

IV conference (20-21 march 2001)

“The phenomenon of modern piety: Theological, philosophical, historical and sociological aspects”

Fr Robert Taft (Rome), Fr Borys Gudziak (Lviv), Alexander Slobodyan (Kyiv), Andriy Dkhniy (Lviv), Myroslav Marynovych (Lviv)

III conference (14-15 april 2000)

“Ecumenism in church history: Achievements, losses, perspectives”

Eugen Svertiyk (Kyiv), Fr Petro Galadza (Ottawa), Alexander Slobodyan (Kyiv), Taras Voznyak (Lviv)

II conference (30 april – 1 may 1999)

“Social problems of post-totalitarian
society and resources of the Church”

Archbishop Ihor Isichenko (Kharkiv), Fr Andriy Tkachov (Kyiv),
Viktoria Liybashchenko (Lviv), Andriy Kostiuk (Lviv)

I conference (3-4 april 1998)

“Relations between Church and state:
Confrontation, line of demarcation or collaboration?”

Fr Ivan Havanio (Drohobych), Fr Mykhailo Dymyd (Lviv),
Viktor Yelensky (Kyiv)