Symbolic activities

Prayer for Ukrainian-Polish reconciliation

On 1st of November at Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv at the memorial of UGA and Complex of Polish military burial («Orliat» cementary) took place the common commemoration of those who died faithfully to Greek and Roman- Catholic Church. Commemoration event was headed by new appointed Metropolitan of Lviv Roman Catholic Church Miachyslav Mokrshycki. Common commemoration prayer on Lychakiv cemetery on 1st of November is taking place few years in a row with its goal of Ukrainian-Polish reconciliation.
In one part of the Lychakiv cemetery, Polish young men (“Orliata”), who were fighting for Lviv in 1918 are buried. Next to them lie young combatants of Ukrainian Galician Army, who were fighting for the same city and in the same year. The erection of memorials for these soldiers in 2001-2002 disturbed many Poles and Ukrainians, reopening old old wounds.
In 2002 the Institute, together with the Lviv journal YI, initiated an action of Ukrainian and Polish reconciliation – common prayer at these military burial sites. Every year on November 1 lay Ukrainians and Poles together with the clergy pray in memory of ose who have perished and for the reconciliation of two neighbouring nations.
“We wanted, with the help of prayer, to release the political tension created by the not always appropriate actions of politicians. The prayer was of great need to all of the souls resting here – both on the Polish and on the Ukrainian side.” (M. Marynovych)